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Before any piercing begins, you are required to fill out a waiver form. This is for legal purposes and to inform us of any medical problems we should be aware of such as allergies (refer to "Health Risks"). Proof of age will also be required. Any persons under the age of 16 will be refused if they are not accompanied by their legal guardian. Any persons that are intoxicated, that are pregnant or nursing, or are incapable of consent due to mental incapacity will also be refused.

Our Piercer will then sit down with you and go over step by step the procedure with you to help you feel more comfortable and at ease. They will also discuss aftercare instructions.

• Navel • Webbing
• Eyebrow • Tongue
• Lip/Labret with a hoop • Nipple (each)
• Nose with a hoop • Tragus/Anti-Tragus
• Nose with a stud • Helix
• Industrial • Daith
• Conch • Vertical/Horizontal Lip
• Septum • Surface Piercings
• Rook • Dermal Anchors
• Smiley

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I started my apprenticeship at Motor City Tattoos in March 2012 and am now the head piercer in the shop and I love doing what I do best. I love the vibe and customers of our shop and always welcome new clients to my chair. I’m easy going, love to crack jokes, and I love to make my clients feel comfortable while I’m performing any piercing. I like to challenge my clients to think of new and exciting piercings that we can do together. All in all I love Motor City and the time I get to spend here and the great staff I get to work with. So come and hang out with us soon! Look forward to seeing you.

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