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I had a family coat of arms tattoo done quite a few years ago elsewhere that I was never completely happy with. After settling with it for quite a long time I decided it was time to get it lasered and redone. I was recommended to MotorCityTattoos as one of the best places to go for laser removal. The consult explained the whole lasering process and was very informative. Lorenas assessment on the number of sessions was bang on, and I was able to get my first laser session right afterwards. For me it felt like getting whipped with elastics hundred of times a minute, then later on feeling like a sunburn.

Lorena was awesome to deal with over the course of my seven sessions, and the staff were great by calling me in advance reminding me of my upcoming appointments. I'm stoked with how it turned out! Hopefully I never have another tattoo I'm unhappy with, but if I ever do I'll definitely come back to MotorCity.


To Ownership and Management,

On March 24, 2015 I had the pleasure of sitting in a chair for many hours and having a Tattoo applied. I just wanted to comment on a few things I observed throughout the entire process.

I first entered your establishment in January to book a consultation. On my first arrival I was greeted with a smile and a friendly attitude by a lovely girl at the front desk. When I returned on my second visit for the actual consultation over a month later that same girl remembered my name and gave me a friendly good morning and hello. This may seem like a small thing but that made me feel like a valued customer. Great first impression.

On March 24, the day of the actual appointment, I was again greeted professionally and in a friendly manner.

Another thing I noticed is the cleanliness of your entire establishment including the bathroom. In this day and age people are concerned with hygiene and cleanliness in a tattoo parlor. Needless to say I was extremely at ease as the whole location was very very clean.

I especially want to thank my artist Cameron Roach. He answered all my questions every step of the way including two consultations, showed me the clean sterile equipment he would be using, the appointment itself, and instructed me thoroughly on how to take care of my tattoo afterwards. He took his time and did a great job, was very personable, and extremely professional.

Throughout the long day of the appointment even the artists who were not working on my tattoo came by and said hello and made me at ease.

I work in a Customer Service Industry as a Realtor. It is often that we hear about negative experiences. I just want to say that Motor City Tattoo exceeded all my expectations. It was refreshing to see an entire staff taking pride in their workplace and genuinely enjoying what they do.

I will proudly recommend Motor City Tattoo to anyone who may be looking to get a tattoo, tattoo removal or piercing.

You have a great staff and should be very proud of the people you employ.

I would be more than happy to discuss my experience over the phone or in person.

A very, very happy customer. Thank you so much.


John Frendo-Cumbo